Announcing our first litter in seven years! 
Introducing our Lucky Charms
Born March 17, 2022
Two red females are available. A fenced yard/run/area is a must.  Would love for owners to be active in some sort of AKC sports but the truth is these two are lap dogs. The pups are 15 weeks old and growing.  If you are interested in working with us and owning one of our bloodhounds contact us.
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Deuce and Jama and Sis 3wks3days old.  Sis threw back her head and sang the song of her people.
The girls 4 weeks 3 days LtoR Jama, Jaylah, Star, and Sis.
The boys 4 weeks 3 days LtoR Elijah, Deuce, and Bruno
Jaylah 7 wks
Gambit X Susie
Jaylah 11 wks. Jaylah is available but I have got to be sure she is going to be loved and appreciated all of her days and that she will be a part of the family she goes to.  
Sis 11 weeks.  I am thinking about keeping her.  She could be available to a home that is willing to show her in the show ring, co-own her with me, and be open to breeding her if she clears her OFA hips, elbows and cardiac.  I am struggling and kind of want to wait until her bite comes in before I decide if she stays with me or goes to a new home.  
Star 11 wks
Elijah and Jama 11 Wks