For over twenty years we have tried to keep the website up to date with the dogs we have currently.  We try to not dwell too much on the past.  Yet, we have had some beautiful dogs over the years and I have decided to create a tribute page to them.  This is going to take a while to complete.  Check back from time to time for updates.  We hope you enjoy our blasts from the past.
GCH CH Mayflower's Nothing Left To Lose  "Bobby Lee"
Going Winners Dog and becoming a Champion at a Regional the day after the Nationals under breeder Judge Cathy Brey-Marler co-author of The Complete Bloodhound.  We cannot express enough how much we miss this boy.  He was loud. One of our neighbors hated him and I noticed Bobby Lee often kicked his back legs and marked his territory anytime that neighbor was in field within Bobby Lee's sight.  I did the best I could and called Bobby into the house so my neighbor could have some peace.  Bobby did not know he was a dog.  He was spoiled and much loved. When he bellowed he sounded like Tarzan so that became one of his nicknames.  Bobby Lee and I went on many adventures together and he and I together won enough wins in the National Owner Handler Series to garner him the NOHS Bronze award.  At this time although he has long since passed away he remained in the top 20 of Life Time Achievement ranks in NOHS through 2021.  He now ranks at 22 in 22.  His name stands at the 250 points for the award.
We arrived at the Nationals after driving all night long.  We had no sleep.  He was wound up and leaped out of the truck hitting his chin on the pavement head first.  I didn't think we were going to survive that day.  As we went around the ring he behaved like a bucking bronco high stepping it around the ring.  We took a Bred By third place that day and since it was the Nationals and I really liked the judge I wanted a photo.  The judge told everyone standing around the photo shoot that he knew Bobby Lee was going to be his Reserve dog but that I just couldn't get Bobby Lee under control when we were moving around the ring.  It made my day.  I didn't tell the judge I had no sleep and that Bobby Lee had been riding in the back seat of my pick up truck for 13 hours.  I like this candid taken ringside of the two of us that day.  You can see from both my expression and his that maybe we weren't working together all that good that day.  Have I said how much Jimmy and I loved this boy.  We surely did.
On his way to a National Owner Handler Hound Group 3 and ending 2014 ranked 5th, in 2015 he ranked 6th, and in 2016 he ranked 7th in the NOHS for Bloodhounds.  He ended his National Owner Handler Series career with a bang winning an NOHS Hound Group 1.
I want to share with you how he came about his name. His mother was seven years old when he was born.  Only three male pups survived. My showing hobby and my line was all but over until he came into our lives. 
Bobby Lee making friends with Gavin at the JTDFA dog show.
Yes, he could move.
Yes, he was vocal but he was also a good boy.  He and I were good at this dog show thing.  He is standing for exam which is part of being a show dog.
Yes, he and Tink gave me my first and at this time only accidental litter.  Jimmy was a good sport posing in the photos with them.  I decided to own it and we announced the upcoming "Shotgun Wedding" litter with flair.
Allen C., of the JTDFA, caught Jimmy and Bobby Lee taking a nap at the show.  They missed their ring time that day.  Bobby Lee is the ONLY Bloodhound I would ever trust to take a nap like this with his buddy in a public place.  He and Jimmy had this routine at the shows and he was not happy until Jimmy placed the mat on the floor.  There is nothing like a good dog and when you have one it is a gift and a blessing.  Bobby Lee was that and more for Jimmy and myself.  
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